E-Associates as your “Virtual Assistant” providing full ranges of e-services by digital data, information, and communication regarding all sectors of government and commercial services. E-services for Individuals and or Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customers (B2C), Customers to Customers (C2C) in all areas of lifestyles for the purposes of commercial or voluntary activities.

We also provide the services directly, indirectly, outsourcing, and freelancing platform accordingly. On the followings namely e-business support, e-commerce solutions, e-products promotion maintaining overall excellence or superiority of the service, all e-business license like online companies formation, Trade License, e- TIN, BIN, Import & Export Registration, Environment & Fire License, Trade Mark, BSTI, e-Sales, e-Marketing, e-Accounting, e-Auditing, e-Internal control management, e-Financial Management, e- Tax, (Income Tax & VAT), e-Customs, e-Corporate Legal Services, e-Government Procurement, all types of e-governance services assistant, e- Transport, Ticketing, Tours & traveling guide, e-Learning, e- Health-Treatment, National e-services assistant for all ministry’s public services to the citizen by our professional expert team of wide range skilled like Engineering, Mechanical, Financial, Legal, Medical, Educational, Health, Food, Social Welfare, Disabled & Pro-poor development programmed, Agriculture-Fisheries, Land-Building-property management, Child and Women rights, Legal Aid, Textile. Readymade garments, Jute & Cloths, All types of citizen charter for the Individuals & Entity. E-services Providing limitless care on the professional information.