We Create Awesome Story

To promote your business in a fast and impressive way animation & motion graphics is a powerful way. Your best prospects will be attracted by your storytelling videos very easily.


Logo Animation

You can make a beautifully animated logo for your brand so that you can grab your audience attention very easily and quickly. The importance of an animated company logo is something and we are expert with it. Your company logo is the unique symbol of your brand. It makes your customers recognize. Your brand always acts as the ‘face’ of your company. Marketing strategies and its ideas are modified along with the accommodate, the necessity of consumer behaviour and changing technology. Like this, logos also need to be revolutionized as well with an animated logo.

Whiteboard video

In the present market, video marketing is the most common digital marketing strategy. For their inimitable attention-grabbing nature and ease of use, videos have easily defeated other digital media for being the ultimate choice in effective digital marketing. At eASSOCIATES, we produce attention-grabbing whiteboard animated videos which attract your audience and hike your conversion rates.


Ex-plainer Video

An animated video can be more effective than the pictures or written texts as it uses all other media to deliver its message. You can explain everything about your product or service within a very short time by the ex-plainer video.

Animated Videos benefits:

  • A Good animated short is loved by everyone.
  • Animation Is engaging.
  • Animations are easy to remember.
  • Over the content, you have more control.
  • Animations are more efficient and result oriented.


Storytelling video

If you want to increase your online visibility you have no alternative without making videos. If you don’t have any online videos then you might be missing most of the fastest growing segments of digital marketing. Animated videos are a great way to tell your story. Show the real use of your product and communicate the most complex ideas in an easy-to-digest manner. Animated videos are rich, engaging medium, which is easy-to-manage, cost-effective, and will help your key points pop.

Why we will use videos? There are so many reasons. Such as:

  • For attracting new customers
  • For introducing a product/service
  • For making your company more visible in search engines
  • For explaining your value/what you do
  • For boosting sales and conversions.
  • For creating content rank higher and more


Corporate Video

There are so many advantages of having a corporate video of your business. It can contribute to business development, brand awareness, corporate identity, sales, and digital marketing. If you add a video in your website, it will attract more traffic to allow you to communicate your key messages in an engaging way.

If you have a corporate video you can get the below benefits:

  • It can demonstrate your products and services
  • It will build awareness
  • You can exploit multiple marketing channels
  • It will increase the intent to buy
  • It will promote your brand image
  • It will improve your personal communication and team morale.

Promotional video

Integrating video marketing into your online strategy will create an emotional, effective result in your business. It offers important advantages which you won’t get from written content.

Here are some reasons why you will embrace video in your online marketing strategy:

  • A wider reach
  • Bring customer testimonials to life
  • Inject personality into your marketing messages
  • More memorable than written content
  • Boost
  • Increased customer satisfaction and fewer returns
  • Create an effortless, personal connection with


Event Promo Video

With a professional event promo video, you can successfully promote your upcoming events. eASOCIATES will help you to to create an effective promo video. We will use hundreds of animated scenes to edit and create the best event videos for any occasion, conference, party, music festival, birthday, etc. eASOCIATES creates the promotional video in Bangladesh for different services and products of industries or companies or institutions and we give the best performance and we maintain the quality too.

App Promo Video

You can promote your business with dynamic, memorable promo videos for more sales and brand awareness. When you will make an app, it will also need to promote and for promoting your app you need to make an app promo video. In your app promo video, you will be able to show about your app features, app directions, how it works, screenshots etc. It’s important to consider the overall quality of your app promo video. The script, the production quality, the sound, and the message all of these are considered to make an app promo video. eASOCIATES can assure you the best quality of your App promo video from Dhaka Bangladesh.

Info-Graphic Video

The Info graphic video is one of the parts of your digital marketing strategy. Who doesn’t love a good info graphic? It is entertaining, engaging and informative. Our info graphic maker will help you to show your statistics or any data you have with the help of animated scenes and attractive info graphic visuals. We have a big, innovative, dedicated and talented team to produce your info graphic video and we are offering a very competitive price.

Why make a video info graphic? Because:

  • They’re engaging
  • They’re attractive
  • They’re true
  • They’re fun
  • They’re shareable
  • They’re compact


TV Commercial production

eASSOCIATES is the best TV commercial production in Bangladesh. We provide the best service and we offer the complete TV commercial production service. We produce a great advertisement for TV, outdoor, online, print and plan to get the right media strategy to get them seen. You will get new concepts, script, cast shoot and post-produce for producing extraordinary commercial ads for TV at a very competitive price. We are the only company who are providing you the best TV commercial ads at a very competitive price with some of the best TV commercial directors in Dhaka Bangladesh. TV commercial ad is the best way for your brand promotion or advertising. We have a big, talented and creative team who will create your TV commercial ad and they know how to make your brand more popular.